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Exterior Doors & What You Should Look For


Guest: Mark Mason, APCO

APCO specializes in many exterior products including various sidings, doors, windows, gutters and outdoor living products such as decks and patio rooms.

Windows and doors in newer homes can vary in product grade and finishes. From builder grade to higher quality depending on the cost invested. There can be less flexibility for a builder home, where options are predetermined or have limited choices for the homeowners to see. There are always options for these homes, as well as remodeled homes, to change the material, color, or design to fit the homeowner’s style.

Aluminum windows were a popular choice in the 1970s and 1980s but were always the coldest options when it comes to windows. In the 1990s and early 2000s, builders switched to vinyl.  Even though it was not as cold, many of the early vinyl windows did not perform well.  Both aluminum and the original vinyl windows are becoming ever popular to replace.

Every house is unique which makes for a unique project every time.  Mark suggests living with the house for a while before remodeling. Find out what you like and dislike about the home. See what may be inefficient and needs improved more so than other projects in the home and put a remodeling plan together. Decide what is a purchase of want vs need. Typically, homeowners need new windows whether they are leaking, rotting or having other performance problems.  Siding, on the other hand, does not typically ‘go bad’.  It would be a remodel of ‘want’ such as color or a new product on the market.

Front doors are a great first project to start your home remodeling.  They can drastically improve the look of the home, create better energy efficiency and be one of the smaller projects when it comes to investment.  Paint alone can make a front door really stand out.  Don’t forget about other exterior aspects that can improve the look of your home such as lighting or architectural features.