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Electrical Systems & Wiring for Homes



Guest: Greg Reis, Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers


When considering a room addition or remodel, electrical is one of the most important factors to plan in advance, not only to prevent mistakes but for the safety of your home. First, consider the age of your home.  When remodeling, if the electrical is outdated or not up to code, it must be correct before moving forward. Examples of outdated electrical work could include outdated break boxes, number of amps available or even newer appliances that require individual circuits, etc.

When changing an electrical panel, a licensed electrician performs a new load calculation in the home. From there, they will size the wire outside to the correct amperage of the home. If the wire isn’t large enough, it must be upgraded to meet the needs of the electrical use so that it can deliver electricity safely.

As a remodeling company, Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers has certain processes for the electrical aspect of any home remodel.  The Dave Fox team performs an Electrical QC where the client, a licensed electrician, the project manager, design consultant, and the interior design meet to walk through the project to place outlets, add or remove features, discuss lighting and more.  This prevents any surprises throughout the rest of the process when drywall and further steps of the remodel have been completed.  For more information about the entire design-build process, visit