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Creating Your Home Work Space


Guest: Michelle Mixter, Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers


Home offices have quickly become the new normal as many employees have started working from home more frequently.  Home workspaces can go beyond just four walls. There are a lot of options available where space can be dedicated or incorporated into everyday living space.

Finding space can be a challenge. You want to make it efficient for the house while maintaining function and design.  Larger offices have begun to disappear with advances in technology. Many people can work from tablets or phones and not need the extra room for a large monitor or computer tower that once was.  Sometimes simply, a space can have minimal storage and a sense of organization for it to be an efficient office.

The open concept has taken over homes and it is no different for workspaces.  Especially with younger kids in schools, families want and need to be together for efficiency. Kitchen islands have become a workhorse for families and a hub of various activities.  For adults, a more secluded space can be necessary for concentration and privacy.  Between Zoom calls and phone conversations, being able to shut a door or have a remote space to work can be helpful.

It is important to remember the structure and dedication of a home workspace, for both kids and adults.  Structure can be routine, but it can also be the actual structured space that is meant for work. A few things to remember when planning a workspace for you and your family includes making sure you have the tools you need to work efficiently including storage, technology or just a desk to work on.  Lighting is also important. Natural light is a great component in a space for focus and mental clarity. Less stimulation is key, so avoid unused technology or other tempting distractions. Always remember, there are no right or wrong workspaces. Create a system and space that works for you whether it be an actual office or a small nook that’s just right.