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Dave Fox Design-Build Remodelers & COVID-19



Guest: Gary Demos, President- Dave Fox Design | Build Remodelers


COVID-19 has taken over the world and we are all adjusting to the ever-evolving information and changes to our daily lives.  As a design-build remodeler, Dave Fox specializes in home, and we understand it is a place to be with family and spend time with each other.  It is a meaningful place to call our own.

Being that this pandemic is something we have never seen; the remodeling industry is adjusting like all other industries; with constant change. We have been stopped in our tracks and some projects have come to a standstill.

Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers is fortunate to be a part of a great remodeling peer group with remodelers across the nation as well as our local chapter of NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. We have been in close communication with these groups in finding the best solutions together in this trying time. Making well-thought choices and creating safe measures for our employees, clients and community are the top priorities.

Having no protocol in place for this type of situation, information is changing by the minute.  Our first challenge as a company, before our state stay-at-home order, was contacting every single one of our clients to see how they felt about the evolving situation. Restricting the number of people allowed in a home was an important measure in making sure social distancing was the top priority. Along with social distancing, everything on job sites was being thoroughly cleaned and made as safe as possible.

After receiving the stay-at-home order by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, our Dave Fox team read through the specifications and guidelines of that order and confirmed what that meant for us as a remodeling company. Construction companies were given the green light as essential and continue work for homeowners. As a remodeler, we have many projects in progress that we knew would need attention in wrapping up any possible long-term safety concerns for our homeowners while they are home at this time.

After being given the green light on continuing as a company, beyond safety measures alone, we had to make the decision as a team, whether continuing work was still the correct decision for our employees, families, and clients. In moving forward, we continued social distancing and clear communication with our clients and staff with how comfortable they were in their work and homes.

As we move forward in the coming weeks, we will continue to adapt to any changes safely and utilize technology to work remotely; continuing as efficiently as possible for our clients and employees.