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Community Outreach


If you have every considered volunteering time in your community or outside the country, we have some great experiences to share in today’s show that may just motivate you to make that move.  Greg Reis shares his passion for mission work in Haiti, Alaska, and New Orleans, while also staying connected to mission work locally.  We discuss our upcoming plans for mission work and outline a path for you to follow if you want to get involved in mission work.

Community Outreach    Habitat For Humanity

Listener Comment:

“Hi, Sure enjoyed your radio show on WTVN yesterday, Jan. 19. You were talking to Greg about his Mission trips…and he spoke of going to Alaska to the Birchwood Camp in 1995. My mother and i were actually on that trip with him; what a great leader and what wonderful projects we were able to help accomplish with his guidance. Since then, please share with him, we started going on the same type o…f trips with our church each July to W.VA where they have had lots of flooding issues,etc., and have helped with that type of relief. SO good to know that Greg is “on board” with your company and look forward to hearing your radio program each Sunday morning, when I can. Good luck on your trip to Haiti in March!”