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All About Air Conditioning


Guest: Chris Benedetto, Controlled Air Systems

Tune in and find out all you need to know about your HVAC system and how to best maintain it in the hot summer months.


Chris Benedetto began his career working in technical work. After being laid off, he was offered a job in HVAC. In 1995, Chris began his own business; Controlled Air Systems.

During the summer months, calls consist much of AC problems or troubleshooting.  Systems vary in life expectancy but maintenance can expand that time. Furnace tends to last a bit longer than AC.  A PSA or Preferred Service Agreement with Controlled Air Systems, involves service checks in the spring to end the winter months and begin the warmer weather. Homeowners can self-evaluate their own system before the warmer months by turning on the system, making sure no plants or bushes are blocking the vents, checking for any erosion, frayed wires, etc.

Preventing any air conditioning problems in the summer months can begin in the winter. New systems can be installed in the winter months and only require a startup in spring as the weather warms. Completing these tasks can prevent an unexpected loss in AC and being prepared before companies are busy.

When remodeling a home and adding square footage to a space, it is important to also consider your HVAC units.  Adding square footage adds more room for your system to control the temperature in the home.  Having your current unit checked out and reassured it can handle the extra space could save time and money in the future.