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7 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid





1. Impatience

Start with a plan before knocking down walls or ripping off surfaces, regardless of inspiration from home improvement shows or personal frustration with your kitchen. In a moment of enthusiasm, you could make a move you regret when you learn how much time and money it takes to correct a mistake. Employ patience to plan the work and work the plan.

2. Bare Minimum

Time and budget concerns may suggest doing the bare minimum to update your kitchen. But if you’ve always had issues with how the room is laid out, new countertops will bring only temporary relief. Now is the time to really think about what changes will be the most productive and satisfying and invest in those. Plus, it’s easier to endure construction chaos once than to do it repeatedly, so make all your changes at one time.

3. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Doing the bulk of a kitchen remodel yourself is a good idea if you’re a remodeling professional or a quick learner without a full time job. If none of these applies and you still decide to be your own general contractor, you could soon be buried under mountains of details and bills. Be realistic about your abilities and time, and team up with experienced professionals to avoid unnecessary obstacles.

4. Top Chef Fantasies

A professional-grade range usually doesn’t transform a take-out junkie into a gourmet cook. If you’re a veteran cook overdue for a kitchen that meets your needs then you deserve to follow that dream. But if a $12,000 cooktop will seldom be used, consider putting that money into features that will benefit you every day.

5. Distracted by Shiny Objects

Glass cabinets in Day-Glo colors are perfect for your Pinterest kitchen boards, but will you like them in your kitchen for the long-term? Cabinets are one of the biggest expenditures in a kitchen remodel, so it is wiser to choose a style you can live with for 10 – 15 years, or will have a more attractive resale value. Go for the bling with cabinet pulls, accessories and countertop appliances which are relatively inexpensive and easy to change out as your tastes change.

6. Overlooked Details

You select gorgeous cabinets, but is there enough storage? You install a striking chandelier, but is there enough work light on your countertops? You upgrade all appliances, but is there enough electricity to power them? There are hundreds of details that go into a successful kitchen remodel, and it’s easy to miss some of the finer points of day-to-day use while concentrating on big ticket items. Working with a certified kitchen designer is your best bet for getting a kitchen you’ll be happy with for many years to come.

Not enough electricity to power additional or larger appliances

• Inadequate water supply for additional sinks, icemaker

• Forgetting a fresh air intake when installing larger vent hoods, which can cause carbon monoxide and fire hazards.

• Ranges or cooktops located too close to a window or door, which can cause fire or natural gas buildup hazards

7. Changing Your Mind at the Wrong Time

If you decide that the pantry needs to be bigger once construction has started, that decision will cost more and create delays. The best way to avoid change orders and keep your project on schedule is to plan the project before the first hammer swings. Confidence in your choices comes from seeing your kitchen design in 3D, and working with professionals who understand your goals. Explore every option in the design phase, where it’s easier (and cheaper) to make multiple changes until you find exactly what you want.