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2014 Design Trends


Dave Fox Interior Design Manager, Courtney Burnett, recaps new trends to expect after her visit to KBIS in Las Vegas, NV this February.  She discusses appliances that we will see more of and what trends are beginning to fade.  Courtney also unveils a list of 12 Design Ideas That Can Make Any Room Better.  Listen to what Courtney and I have to say about the list by clicking on the link to listen to the show!

Guest: Courtney Burnett, Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers

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12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better

    1. Pick the paint color last
    2. Give your furniture some breathing room
    3. Hang artwork at the right height
    4. Know how to arrange furniture on a rug
    5. Resist the urge to be too theme-y
    6. Create a focal point
    7. Consider sight lines
    8. Edit your collectibles
    9. Vary the scale
    10. Add layers of lighting
    11. Be bold
    12. Ignore all principles in favor of creativity