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Car Condo

Project Location: Powell

These second-time clients came to us with a real challenge! They had just purchased a “car condo” and wanted to transform this large garage into a fun space for entertaining, as well as a place to store and work on their vehicles.

Project Completed: 2023


There were many questions in the early stages of this project about how and if it could be built. Car condos being a newer concept, even the permit department were confused about which permits were required, what limitations zoning may present and which inspections would be needed. All of this to say, a lot of homework was done before any plans were drawn up.


These clients were looking for a mezzanine that was sturdy & substantial. Other condo owners had used kits to construct their lofts and out clients didn’t think they felt safe. Knowing that something custom would need to be built, they had to choose between wood and steal. While wood would have been the more cost-effective option, steel was selected for its durability, longevity and appearance.

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