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Effective project management of the construction flow of a remodeling project can be very challenging – especially if you’ve never tackled a project on your own. Just like setting up dominoes and watching them fall in sequence, a well planned project will move from start to finish with minimal interruptions and delays. However, just as a missing domino will halt the fluid movement of falling chips, there are many potential disruptions in remodeling that can bring a project to an immediate halt. This can be very frustrating since remodeling by its very nature is an invasion of living space and a disruption to your normal daily routines.  Here are a couple of examples of how we can help:

Project Management Consultation

Consult with one of our professionals to review your project and find out how we can successfully act as a project management consultant. Whether this is the first project you’ve tackled on your own or you’ve done several, this service is a nice peace of mind that you can have a trusted professional to consult with along the way.  Typically this would include an initial meeting with one of our experienced Project Managers to review your project and strategize the sequence of construction phases. This will determine what construction you can do yourself and what you may need help with, advice on obtaining the proper permits (if required), planning a time table, and linking up with trades-people you may need like electricians, plumbers, drywallers, etc. Through talking with one of our remodeling coaches they can help you develop a plan that will help you successfully complete your job. We offer our project management consulting services at an hourly rate.

Full Project Management Service

If you prefer to hand over the construction management of your project to one of our trained Project Mangers, we can handle the entire construction management process for a pre-determined fee based on the scope of your project. An initial consultation will include a review of the plans, target budget, and any additional assistance you will require to complete the project. After this consultation we will provide a proposal for our Project Management services.