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Kitchen with a Wine Station


The owner of this home is a wine distributor and regularly hosts wine tastings.  The old kitchen did not provide the environment most suitable for
hosting large groups and stimulating the pallet, so a makeover was the best solution.  The existing kitchen was gutted and given a fresh look.  New
cabinets with varying height were added with under cabinet lighting.  A large island was added to the middle of the kitchen to provide additional
space for gusets to congregate during wine tastings.  The old pantry closet waw removed and a wine bar was added to highlight the featured wines
during demonstrations.  Tile backsplash and glass tile accents trim the full height cabinets to add an extra touch of detail. 

Project: Kitchen Remodel
Location: Gahanna
Approximate Budget: $40,000 – $60,000


Additional After Photos


Before Photos



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