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Update your Space with 3 easy Steps

Even on a modest budget you can make a statement in almost any room. Below are some  ideas to help make some impressive changes.

1. Lighting
Have fun with this. You can find some great light fixtures that will make the room shine. Change a common ceiling mount light fixture to a chandelier. Even in a small bedroom or living area a new light fixture will make a big impact.

2. A New Wall Color
A fresh coat of paint often makes all the difference.  According to our interior design department the up & coming “trendy” colors of the season are greys, bright yellow, and golds with chocolate accents.  Many people tend to shy away from strong colors but a bold color can add a lot of life to a room.  If you need a little time to warm up to a new color, try painting an accent wall first. If you’re trying to decide on a new wall color and willing to edge out of your comfort zone a little, pick something that will compliment the current accent colors in that room. If you have a lot of browns in the room, try a bright sea blue or bright yellow.

3. Window Treatments
According to experts minimal is in!!  This is true even if you want to give the room an elegant and luxurious feel. Simplicity is the key. Try not to use really heavy fabric that blocks the natural light from coming in. While bold prints and stripes are in, designers are seeing a trend toward using lighter fabrics to create an updated look. Blue is becoming the new red in color choice for window treatments, while brown is still holding its own in popularity. Pick a color or a pattern that compliments your wall color and still allows natural light to flow through the room.


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