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Dave Fox is an employee-owned company. This supports our culture of working together in a cooperative environment- engaging the unique talents and strengths of each employee, and working to insure each other’s success.

The strong knit company culture at Dave Fox is visible immediately. It is the personality of our company and a shared value among all of our employees. We make it a priority to have company events as well as get-togethers outside of work.  Working at a company with a strong, close culture helps develop strong relationships when working as a team on projects. Not only does it reflect in the quality of work we deliver on a remodeling project, but we believe it to be a key component to our company’s success.


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Grand Opening Party

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Family Bash

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ESOP Dinner & New Building Tour

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ESOP Dinner Department Photos

Directors 2014   Sales 2014Production 2014

Office Staff Interior Design 2014   Sales 2014 funny


KBIS – Las Vegas

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Canoeing – Company Fun Day
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Paint Ball – Company Fun Day

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Christmas Party
December, 2012 – We had our annual Christmas Party downtown and enjoyed a great meal, and some fun games with our families. This year we also had an “ugly sweater” theme.



Winter Warriors
February, 2012 – The entire team at Dave Fox  spent the day outside of the office and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity helping to build a house.

After years of donating materials to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore we wanted to see what else we could do to help. We all had a really great time, and it was a great team building experience.  We are looking forward to more opportunities to work with this great orginization in the future.
To view more pictures from our day with Habitat for Humanity visit: Facebook: Habitat for Humanity



Some oldies…


ESOP Dinner, 2011


5K Dublin Irish Fest, 2010                                              Company Picnic, 2010

Clippers Game, 2010                                                         ESOP Dinner, 2010


Company Trip to Cedar Point. May, 2009
group shot  Cedar Point Dragster

Company Picnic, 2009                                                   Christmas Party, 2009


Company Chili Cookoff. 2006

Friends of Dave Fox

In our many years of experience in the home remodeling industry, we have developed relationships with the top remodeling companies throughout the country. The following are a list of companies that Dave Fox Design-Build trusts and recommends for any home remodeling needs outside of the Columbus area. Click here to read about these companies.