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Powder Room Ideas [With Pictures]

powder room ideas with pictures

Powder rooms are about convenience. While these small rooms don’t have a place to bathe or shower, they offer all of the other amenities of a bathroom. Placing a powder room in a central location means guests have convenient access to the restroom, and homeowners can keep their primary bathrooms private. It’s a win-win for everyone.

On the other hand, powder rooms are often cramped and tiny. With minimal space to showcase your style, inspiration for a powder room update might seem fleeting. Luckily, we’ve worked with many clients on their half bathroom remodels and renovations over the years and we’ve got tons of small bathroom trends and powder room ideas to share.

5 Stylish Powder Room Ideas

Accent Walls

ideas for powder rooms

If you want to incorporate one-of-a-kind details into your powder room, consider adding a niche in the wall. Cover it with beautiful glass tile, like our client did in the photo above. You can use the nook to display decor, bathroom essentials, or other items. This is a great option for these rooms since they’re often not big enough to hold bulky storage solutions like cabinets and shelves.

Another way to add flair to this small space is with a wraparound tile design that matches the wall niche. Coordinate the tiles, colors and patterns to pull it all together and impress guests.

Unique Details

unique powder room hardware ideas

Since it’s such a tight space, details matter in a powder room. This is the perfect place to shy away from standard hardware, fixtures, and accents. For example, shy away from a standard mirror and instead go bold with an intricately-framed or untraditional shaped mirror. Thick framed, detailed mirrors are always a hit.

You can also draw attention to other features of the room with a beautifully-detailed faucet, like our client did above. Take the time to find fixtures, hardware, and accent pieces that will draw eyes and please guests while giving off the statement you’re trying to make.

Soft Color Palettes

neutral paint powder room

Bold, dark colors tend to make rooms feel smaller, whereas lighter, soft colors can make rooms feel larger. Since powder rooms are often tight quarters, keep your walls on the lighter side. If you love bold colors, you can always go darker on an accent wall while using lighter, complementary colors on the remaining walls.

Ceiling Treatments

powder room ceiling ideas
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When you have a small bathroom, you have to work with the space you’re given. That means taking advantage of vertical space, too. Draw the eyes up with a creative ceiling treatment. You could do a coffered ceiling for an elegant and timeless look, or patterned shiplap on the ceiling to bring texture to the room. A skylight not only draws attention upwards, but it provides extra natural light, opening up the space and making it feel less confined. Lastly, for a simple yet sophisticated option, go with a classic crown moulding or chair rail.


wallpaper in powder room

Yes, it’s “in” again. In a powder room, bold, patterned wallpaper can make a statement and look fantastic. This is a great place to try wallpaper if you’re nervous about putting it up, since it’s a smaller space. If you’re hesitant to take the plunge on all four walls, you could wallpaper an accent wall and paint the rest of the walls a corresponding color.

Just because a powder room is typically a small area doesn’t mean you can’t go big. Incorporate unique and personalized ideas into your half bathroom to make it one guests will be impressed to see. You’ll be proud to point them towards this lovely room when they ask, “May I use your restroom?”

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