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Home Renovation vs Building: 5 Reasons Why Remodeling is Better than Building or Buying a New Home

We often have potential clients asking us if remodeling is better than building or buying a new home. There are many reasons they feel like they are at this crossroads, but one of the biggest is that they feel like they’re not yet living in their dream home.

Perhaps they need more space, or the kitchen isn’t meeting their needs or they wish they had a more open floorplan. Whatever the particular reason for their current dissatisfaction, it boils down to the fact that they don’t feel like their current home can be the perfect home they’ve long imagined.

Why Remodeling is Better than Building or Buying a New Home

5 Reasons Why Home Remodeling is Better Than Building or Buying

We think in many cases, your current home could be your dream home with the right design-build firm and the right renovations. Here are 5 reasons we think remodeling is better than building or buying a new home.

1. If you remodel, you don’t have to move

Moving is expensive, period. You could be looking at paying realtor fees, hiring movers, renting a storage facility or renting short-term housing. And this doesn’t include costs for any home improvements or repairs needed to get your house ready to sell. So all that money you may need to pay to sell could, in reality, be a really great start on a renovation budget.

2. You can use your home’s equity to finance a remodel

If you’re worried about how you’ll pay for a home remodel or renovation, many homeowners are able to use their home’s equity to finance their plans. This might be a better option than saving up for a down payment, or being unsure if the current market will allow you to sell at a profit and buy your dream home.

We work with many homeowners who choose to borrow against the value of their home. They have found that this route is often less costly and less complicated than taking out a new mortgage.

3. Remodeling can increase your home’s value

You can add value into your home with a properly executed home renovation. A reputable design-build firm will make sure that your design dreams are fulfilled without adding “too much” for your home and neighborhood.

But in most cases, if you’re dealing with an outdated kitchen, an update that fits the style of the home will certainly add value to your home. Or, at the very least, increase your home’s appeal to future buyers.

4. You can stay “where your heart is” if you remodel

Expenses aside, home is truly where the heart is. You could be in love with your current home (minus its current drawbacks), your neighborhood, neighbors, school district and local amenities. Each of these elements go into your overall perception of your dream home.

For example, would you be okay living in your absolute dream home but being a long commute away from amenities, or not having neighbors or moving your kids to a new school? If you can answer “yes!” then build your dream home and enjoy your solitude. But if you’ll hate leaving your part of town, or if you have many happy memories in your home and with your neighbors, a home remodel is definitely better for you than buying a new home.

We have many clients who love their current homes. It’s where they first had their kids, where they’ve celebrated birthdays and life achievements…but they did it all in a cramped kitchen. A home remodel helps you stay where you heart is, and make you fall in love with it even more.

5. When you remodel your home, you can get exactly what you want

There are certainly turnkey homes that are perfect to the last detail. But more likely than not, you would move into a home that has at least one or two things you’ll need to fix or aren’t quite right.

With a home renovation or remodel, you can get exactly what you want, how you want it. We love creating and building custom elements for our clients that fit their tastes and lifestyle. We’ve had clients ask us to combine modern elements with their love of Texas design. Or to include a fireplace in the bathroom. Or to use specific pulls on drawers or cabinets.

Truly, however you want your remodel to look a reputable design-build firm can make it happen.

There are many more reasons our clients have decided that a home remodel is better than buying or building a new home. But we find that most folks simply don’t want to leave their neighborhoods and neighbors or leave their memories behind. And other times, there are elements of their current home they love too much to leave. No matter the reason for the remodel, we want to make sure our clients get to live and stay in their dream home and neighborhood.

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