Our employees are what makes our company what it is. Dave Fox is made up of people who want to succeed and create beautiful projects.


Gary Demos
Gary Demos, President
Bryce Jacob
Bryce Jacob, Vice President
Glen Sheckelhoff
Glen Scheckelhoff, CFO
Jamie thumb
Jamie Bratslavsky, Marketing Coordinator
Joni Moss thumb
Joni Moss, Process Expediter

Design Consultants

Steve Dempsey
Steve Dempsey, Design Consultant
Keith Sharrock
Keith Sharrock, Design Consultant
Wendy Sorenson
Wendy Sorenson, Design Consultant
Michael Gharrity, Design Consultant
Romano Klepec thumbnail
Romano Klepec, Design Consultant
Jennifer 2014
Jennifer Kubik, Design Consultant

Interior Designers

Courtney Burnett
Courtney Burnett, Interior Design Manager
Tonya Rutledge
Tonya Rutledge, Interior Designer
Michelle Mixter
Michelle Mixter, Interior Designer
Brooke Jones 2014195px
Brooke Jones, Interior Designer
Abby Yates, Interior Design Assistant/Product Coordinator


Greg Reis
Greg Reis, Production Supervisor
Dur Foulis, Process Expediter
Brenda Ruf 2014 thumb
Brenda Ruf, Production Assistant
Dave Shicks
Dave Shicks, Project Manager
Todd Showalter
Todd Showalter, Project Manager
Jon Fichtner, Project Manager
Mike Tenney, Project Manager
Paul Boehler, Project Manager
Dennis Nelson, Project Manager
Daryl Chronaberry
Daryl Chronaberry, Project Manager
Scott Decaminada, Project Manager
Dave Krempel
Dave Krempel, Plumber
Russ Holbrook thumb
Russell Holbrook, Electrician
Ryan Vaughn
Ryan Vaughn, Warranty Services
Joel thumb
Joel Yeske, Carpenter
Tim Boyd, Carpenter
Kelly Stepp
Kelly Stepp, Carpenter
Craig Langenkamp
Craig Langenkamp, Carpenter
Bob Tobin thumb
Bob Tobin, Carpenter
Tom Culp thumb
Thomas Culp, Carpenter
Tim Yeske thumb
Timothy Yeske, Carpenter
Mike S
Mike Salvatori, Carpenter
Marc 2014
Marc Heath, Carpenter
Joe 2014
Joe Chapman, Carpenter
Billy Westfield
William Westling, Jr., Warehouse & Delivery Coordinator
Jeremy Envid, Carpenter Assistant